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The Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative family practice is a
process that may enable divorce and other family legal disputes to be
resolved in a non-adversarial manner, utilizing attorneys, mental health
and financial professionals. The process requires both parties to agree
to use the process and to have an attorney who is trained in the
collaborative process. The attorneys and other professionals, such as a
financial professional and a divorce counsellor, will focus on
settlement options rather than preparing your case for trial. The result
is a more cost effective, streamlined process that may resolve your
legal dispute faster and with less emotional turmoil to you and your

Collaborative practice operates in an
environment that is grounded in good faith, cooperation, integrity,
honesty, and professional ethics. This process can help avoid the
hostility and pitfalls inherent in the adversarial litigation system and
allows parties to be integral participants in fashioning a resolution
that best suits their families’ circumstances.

The Collaborative Practice is guided by a
very important principle: RESPECT. By setting a respectful tone,
Collaborative Practice encourages the divorcing couple to demonstrate
compassion, understanding and cooperation. In addition, collaborative
professionals are trained in non-confrontational negotiation to help
keep discussions productive. The goal of the collaborative process is to
build a settlement on areas of agreement, not to perpetuate

Ending a marriage is not just an ending,
but also a beginning. The Collaborative Process assists each partner
anticipate his or her needs in moving forward. Especially when there are
children involved, their future is the number one priority. Since it is
a more respectful, dignified process, the Collaborative Process helps
families make a smoother transition to the next stage of their lives.