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What is a Divorce Coach and Why Do I Need One?

A Divorce Coach is a licensed mental
health professional with specialty training in collaborative law and/or
family mediation, as well as parenting and children’s issues that
surround a divorce. Coaching is not therapy and does not replace the
need for therapy and does not give legal advice or replace the need for
an attorney.

What Does a Divorce Coach Do?

* Help reduce conflict

* Helps insure the safety and well being of the children

* Assists with realistic goal setting and expectation

* Assists coping skills regarding anger, frustration and change

* Provide information about community resources

* Provides guidance to support children through the transition

* Assists the transition from marriage partners to co-parenting partners

* Helps client distinguish between the business and emotions of divorce

* Enables the attorneys to focus on the legal issues more effectively

* Saves money by reducing or preventing expensive and time consuming  litigation