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“Divorce is second only to the death of a (child) or spouse”
      According to the Adult Life Change Index Scale that measures stress levels T.H.Holmes & T.H.Rahe, Journal of Psychosomatic Research 1967

                                                            What happens when the dream dies?

                                                           How will divorce impact my children?

                                                        Why is it harder the second time around?

                                                      How can I help my children adjust to divorce?


If you are considering divorce then you know that just the very thought of divorce can be painful. It is at best a difficult decision that evokes feelings of failure and loss. Most people expect that when they marry it will last a lifetime and they build their hopes and dreams on that premise.

Divorce hurts, breaking up a family hurts, and your children have a different experience than you do.

No one in a persons’ life is untouched by the break-up of a family. Every aspect of your life can change, finances, lifestyle, friendships, extended family, parenting and possibly your home and career. How you make these changes and adapt will impact your well-being and the well -being of your children. Learn how to minimize the trauma and make the transition in a healthy, positive manner. Through the therapeutic process, tailored to your individual needs, I can help you through this difficult transition. Call me for a free telephone consultation to discuss your needs.

Your future and the quality of life that you and your children have in the aftermath of your divorce, directly depends upon the foundation you create in the process.


Blended Families

Blended families are complicated. When you bring children from different families together to make a “new family” challenges are bound to arise. Each family has its own dynamic with different backgrounds, parenting styles, values and expectations. Children often struggle with loyalty issues and resentments toward their new step parent and siblings. Learn to work through the complicated family structure, understand the role of being a step parent and develop mutual understanding.

                                                  Why does my child hate my husband/wife?

              Why is there a constant power struggle between my children and my husband/wife and me?

                                       Have you ever asked yourself why can’t we all get along?

                                           My “ex” makes everything so hard, what can I do?

Divorce Recovery Group

Why group therapy………..because of the many benefits.
Group therapy is based on the shared experience, learning from others about yourself and having a support network. This divorce recovery group is a closed group with up to 12 individuals and myself as facilitator which will meet weekly for 8 weeks and will focus on the many issues of divorce.

A divorce recovery group will help you:

Regain confidence
Rebuild self-esteem
Improve coping skills and learn new ones
Let go of unresolved issues from the marriage and other past hurts
Provide emotional support
Build a new life