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 Being a parent can be the most challenging and rewarding experience you will ever have. It’s a life time commitment. You are a parent for your child’s entire life and the relationship you build with that child during their childhood is the foundation of your relationship with him/her as an adult. Whether you are a single parent or not those challenges can sometimes become overwhelming. When that happens seeking professional guidance can provide the assistance you need to put order back into your lives.

                                                              Why don’t my children listen to me?

                                                                Why is my child so disrespectful?

                                                                Why doesn’t my child talk to me?


When you have tried everything and divorce is inevitable learn to co-parent with dignity and mutual respect and work in a collaborative manner so your children can make the adjustment with as little trauma as possible.

                                   How can I work with my ex-husband/wife when all we do is fight?

                        My ex-husband/wife is poisoning my relationship with my children, what can I do?

                  How do I protect my children from being in the middle and being torn in two directions?

                                           Why is it so difficult to coordinate the co-parenting time?